Picture of a crew member working hard.

Thomas University
Phase 2 Remodel
Thomasville, GA

Project Description

Onvico’s was tasked with the Phase 2 remodel at the Thomas University Student Life Building. Demolition needed to be completed and the existing spaces needed to be remodeled into offices for the teachers.


An as-built of the existing and surrounding spaces was prepared before starting the remodel. Onvico then worked to draft a design of the new office spaces and hallway modification and worked with Thomas University staff to provide a design that fit their requirements. We also started preparing the drawings for the next phase by taking measurements and extending the as-built files to surrounding areas of the building.


Demolition of the existing interior consists of removing existing tile flooring and general cleanup of the room in preparation for construction.

Image from inside Roses department store.

Rose’s Department Store
Thomasville, GA

The Project

Rose’s needing to move from their previous location to the new location on Pinetree Blvd. There was a strict deadline on when they needed to move and what the budget could be. There was also a grand opening that was set and needed to take place on a specific date.

Begin the Design

We started this project by bringing together a team of design professionals who had experience with this sort of store. Old plans were observed and a new set of Architectural and Engineering plans was created. From here it was time to build.

During Construction

Demolition of the old building began in earnest. Multiple crews, both in-house and from subcontractors and labor suppliers, were brought together under our management to complete the demolition in several weeks. After the building was nothing but a shell it required all new electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, and a new roof. There were also major structural issues that were resolved and strengthened until the building was stronger than it had ever been.

Finishing Up

New ADA compliant bathrooms were added, the sales floor was given new paint and flooring, the warehouse was painted and prepared to start taking delivery, and the building was brought into the modern age.

After Construction

The deadline was met and Rose’s took possession of the building and has been running a successful operation out of it since the completion of construction.

Image of the inside of T-Mobile store.

T-Mobile Store
Thomasville, GA

The Project

T-Mobile needed construction management to help them open a new store in Thomas County, GA. The chosen space was inside an existing building and needed extensive electrical and finishing work to get it ready for T-Mobile.


A tight deadline was given with the store needing to open in just a few weeks after contract signing. Materials were ordered and set to be delivered with two weeks left until all construction activities needed to be completed. Onvico subcontractors and employees stepped up to the plate and started each day when the moon was high and ended when the sun was but a memory.

Let the Pink Lights Glow

Soon the project was complete, on time and under budget, with the final touch being the pink lights that shine in every T-Mobile.

BodyTrac Health and Fitness
Thomasville, GA

Project Goals

We were tasked with converting an existing space, previously used for a church, into a full-service gym.

What was Built

We framed in a 20′ partition wall, installed sheetrock, and floated out the existing sheetrock to try to fix issues with what was previously installed. A new bathroom and meeting room were built in the front of the store. New HVAC was installed on the roof with metal spiral duct and a Big Ass Fan was installed to help air circulation on the gym floor.

Grassroots Roasting Facility
Thomasville, GA

The Project

Grassroots gave us the task of converting a warehouse into their new coffee roasting facility. The building had fallen out of use and required extensive work to bring it to code and into full operation. Combined with the necessary was a need to add a new kitchen, office space, and remodel the bathrooms.

The Down and Dirty

Starting early one morning Onvico employees began to do the demolition work on the facility. Walls were removed, ceilings were brought down, drywall was thrown out, and the signs of progress took shape. Soon new internal walls were added and the old building began to take on new life. The Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing was brought to code and new gas lines were added to feed the expanded operations.

Finishing Touches

Soon after getting the walls closed up we began to move forward with the finishing touches on the project. A new kitchen with white shaker cabinets were installed, carpet tiles were replaced, the drop ceiling was repaired or replaced as needed, and the floor was painted with multiple layers of a durable product.

After Construction

Currently the building is in full use by Grassroots Coffee Company as the new center for their roasting operations. They also have offices that are for rent if the smell of good coffee doesn’t distract too much from the desk work.